360 Social Media Video Production

360 Social Media Video Production

360 videos on Facebook are becoming increasingly popular for offering much more fascinating form of video. Also, Facebook is the first of the big social platform to offers 360-degree videos and photos which create immersive experience among the customers. As a long, 360-degree content is now viewable all around the websites. When viewed on all sites that allow 360-degree video sharing on Facebook or other social platforms. So, viewers can choose to view from whatever angle by dragging around the video with the cursor or a finger. Hence, Facebook is a crucial platform to reach the customer. Through VR ads to offer customers a more seamless shopping experience.

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ArtX films is a leading studio allows fascinating your target audience through 360 videos on Facebook. While the 360 videos are not the same as the virtual reality they are promoting. But, the 360 videos has transformed how you market and engage with potential clients. So, we are creating with high technology 360 VR video which is amazing marketing products, helping to create immersive and successful advertising campaigns on social media platforms.

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