How Corporate Video Helps Business

Video marketing is all the rage these days and companies are aptly using it to get in the eyes of people. As per HubSpot’s stats, around 72% of people watch a video before investing in a brand to learn about their work culture, product, or services. A corporate video is a great way to humanize your brand and attract respective customers. It is used to convey the core message of a company via a compelling story in a concise way. The distinguishing feature of a corporate video is that it is usually intended for a particular audience rather than the general public.

Types and Uses of Corporate Videos:

The corporate video refers to any video content that is published online to serve multiple purposes. It includes different types of video formats, such as:

Staff training videos: Training videos help in upskilling employees. And for the health and safety training of staff.

Company promotional video: Promotional videos highlight a specific brand, corporate initiative, product, or service.

Conference video: Conference videos are played in conferences during presentations. They are often used to deliver information to the conference attendees.

Internal communication videos: They are used as a medium of communication for the employees within the organization. It’s a very healthy mode of communication because it helps in delivering a lot of information entertainingly.

Explainer videoIt is a very effective mode of communication. It is a combination of both audio and visual stimuli to convey a concept understandably.

Client testimonial video: It is a video of a customer praising a company. In most of the videos, the client speaks about how that company’s product or service has been fruitful.

Why businesses should invest in a corporate video

Corporate videos are gaining popularity among businesses. It offers viewers easy access to perceive and understand more information than a simple image can. Because our brain tends to process visual information faster than text. It’s no surprise that it’s an ideal medium to communicate critical information to several employees in a matter of minutes. A corporate video with a compelling story and high-end graphics can give your business a significant boost.

Here are the reasons why you should invest in a corporate video.

Video Content Boosts Traffic

It drives massive organic traffic from search engines. It helps in retaining current clients as well as attracting new clients. A corporate video on the landing page highlights a specific brand, product, or service. And it enhances the chance of appearing on Google search results by up to 53%. Hence, it is an excellent source of creating brand awareness.

Multiplies Sales and Conversions

Effective and compelling videos are famous for multiplying conversions and sales enormously. In this era, up to 70% of people buy a product after watching its video. It’s because visuals highly influence our minds. So, video contents are more likely to multiply sales and conversions than any other form of content.

Advances your site’s SEO

Engaging corporate video on your landing page can give you the right SEO to boost that your site was missing before. Quality videos that are rich with content and valuable to your audience have a handful of positive impacts on SEO. Seeing a captivating video can make your visitors linger a little longer on your site. Gratefully increasing the SEO of your website. You can include these elements to create compelling and useful corporate videos:

  • By adding captions to your video.
  • Your video file must have metadata.
  • Use a speedy video player

Serves as A Medium of Communication

Corporate videos are the future of digital communications. The art of visual telling has a more lasting and powerful impact than written content. No surprise, corporate communication is the perfect medium. Corporate videos are becoming a new norm. Because they are engaging, fun, and most likely an essential element to boost your business. They are widely used to deliver necessary information within and outside the company

Amplifies Social Media Shares

Outstretch your reach by posting your corporate videos on social media. Presenting your product or service as the ultimate solution to people’s problems is highly recommended!

Your social media presence can give a great kick start to your business. Corporate video can grab the audience’s attention more immediately and in an engaging way than written content. You can even keep up with big brands by frequently sharing compelling videos about your brand story.

Builds Trust with Your Customers

Your customers can develop a better understanding of your products and services by watching a complete, leading video. Our brains catch and process the visuals in a better way. A corporate video clearly explaining your product’s uses gives the right push to the growth of your business. It multiplies its sales by building the trust of your customers.

Enhances the Goodwill of Company

A corporate video is the most explicit way of showcasing the achievements and successes of a company. Exhibiting your medals of achievement instill customer’s confidence in your company and ultimately promotes sales.

It gives a great start to the new businesses by creating a strong bond with the customers by gaining their trust.

How Is Corporate Video Produced?

The process of creating an engaging corporate video involves the following stages:

1. Project Commencement: It includes budgeting and initial inquiry.

2. Development of the concept of the video: Planning may include storyboarding, scriptwriting, casting, and scheduling.

3. Video Production: This stage provides location scouting with a camera and crew.

4. Video editing: The raw footage is edited and polished by adding graphics and soundtracks. Rendering the footage into master quality.

5. Delivering the finished video: Delivery of final version and website integration.

Wrap Up

Corporate videos are rapidly evolving with newly emerging tools and techniques. Online platforms and video technologies offer innovative ways for corporations to stay connected with internal and external audiences. These changes enable businesses to communicate their message effectively and hit the minds of consumers and stockholders.