Types of Animation Styles

Types of Animation Styles That Are Best For Marketing

There are different types of people around the world, and all of us have different tastes and interests. Similarly, the animation style also varies and is used in other contexts according to the requirement. Every video style cannot fit right to the marketing objective of a single business. And having all these options right in front of you can also confuse you in figuring out that which one can be the right fit for your business. But it is the detail that counts and takes that forward, and we are here to elaborate on the types of animation styles currently available and can be best for your marketing. So read along, and let’s find out all the possible options you have got on-board.

2D Character Animation

The reason that the 2D Character Animation video type is topping our list is that in the current year, it is one of the most broadly implemented explainer videos. Over the internet, you will come across several examples that will make you easily understand the concept behind this type of video.

These videos are created in two-dimensional space that adds depth to the visuals and makes it more attractive. It is an emotion-evoking piece that is highly versatile, and you can create a variety of concepts with it.

2D Character Animation
Motion Graphics Animation Pakistan

Motion Graphics Animation

Motion Graphic Animation is pretty similar to the type of 2D video. However, these are more likely to be considered as straightforward and highlighting. Brands usually use it while they are promoting their products and services. It visually synthesizes information, design, and graphics to bring out the most effective result.

If you strategically design this video, you will illustrate your message in the most unique yet attractive way. It hooks the audience and provides immediate results.

Whiteboard Animation

If you want to create an explainer video, then this Whiteboard Animation is your Que. Whether it is the B2C marketing video or a B2B video, it renders the most suitable representation of your product and services. It allows the spectators to delve into the idea with complete awareness and interest.

It is a stimulation of a black line graphic that is being drawn on a white background. It includes diverse graphics, animation, content, messages, and designs to hook the audience thought out the experience.

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2.5D Animation Services

2.5D Animation

It is a unique style of animation style that contains a 3D background and environment. It illustrates the story and the concept with a design that is layered with different objects. It also includes elements of 2D animation style and delivers a mixed result that is visually appealing.

Additionally, it has various visual effects illustrated through motion graphics animation video style, and it gives a video a perfect final look.

3D Animation

If any style can stand out among the other animation styles, it is the 3D animation. It represents the best version of a video with high-quality graphics and advanced finishing. It can create wonders for businesses because if you want your customers to be inspired and amazed at the same time, you have to use this video animation style.

These 3D videos can be used to illustrate your products and their parts separately. It can rotate and zoom into the graphics and emphasize the smallest elements for explanatory purposes. Creating a 3D animation video can be expensive, but if you have the budget for it, then you are in luck!

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Best Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion

This type of animation is created with a concept of using an object and illustrate it by moving it into a small amount of design to create a story. It is an illusion of motion when it is being played, but in reality, it is a technique of photography that is combined to make a video.

You must have seen these types of video styles in animated films or kids cartoons. It is attractive and usually used when your target audience is young. However, there are still arguments about this type of animation as it does not have much space for change or modifications.


It is precisely how its sounds, a video formed using typographic fonts to express the concept or an idea. These videos are considered overly simple, and usually, the usage of these are seen on social media posts.

You can reinforce some content, thought it, and covey the quotes and other stuff. Even if this type of video doesn’t bring that much attraction compared to a different style, it can still be used in your marketing tactics for social media posts.

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Screencast Animation Services


This is one of the most accessible types of videos that you can use in your marketing process. It is just the screen captured footage that runs behind the narration utilized to explain the concept. However, these types of videos have less possibility of becoming unique and stand out.

Plus, it can limit the kind of content you want to put out there, and typically it is used in making tutorials and motivational content on social media. It is mostly used by startups that have not much to invest in their marketing and designing department.

Live-Action with 2D Animation

As we already know about both the live-action and the 2D animation-type video, we can safely say that this one must already be making a scene. But to be accurate, it is a video that integrates live footage and 2D animated elements to form a single concept. It has everything from animated designs to live footage and rhythm that is added in the background.

Live Action with 2d Animation

To Wrap Up

These are some types of animation styles that are best for marketing your business. But to make sure that it works, you have to understand the psyche of your audience and your business objective. This way, it will be more relevant and will get significant and rapid positive results.