Using Product Demo Videos In Your Marketing Automation Strategy

Marketing Automation is one of the most adopted methods of this era. Many businesses now utilize it with most proficiency and ensure the maximum use of the means needed to boost their performances. The concept of videos are also present and highly used in various ways in the area of marketing. Exclusively, product demo videos allow businesses to develop their imprecision in front of their customer is the most effective way. So integrating these two things has brought much of an impact over the process of marketing. HubSpot is their recent study highlighted that 54% of the customers and audience members prefer to watch video content from brands and companies they are loyal to. Using product demo videos in marketing automation strategy can come with several benefits, and today we are here to enlighten you with different facts and information regarding this. To brace yourself, and let’s get into the details!

Understanding Marketing Automation

If you are browsing through this article, there are chances that you already know what marketing automation is, but we want to provide you the detailed information. This might help you in jogging up some of your memory and go with the flow.

Marketing Automation is a system that automatically manages the process of marketing. It involves many software, campaign, and channels that cater to fulfilling marketing practices with efficiency. It simplifies the procedures and nurtures the outcomes to gain more ease and profit at the same time. The usage of Product demo videos can also bring a significant positive impact on marketing automation.

Using Product Demo Videos

There is no one way of highlighting the importance of Product demo videos and their effect on integrating it with marketing automation. Hence, here are a few methods through which you can up your game using product demo videos in your marketing automation strategy.

Set Goals First

Product Demo Videos are usually made for introducing the new item. But the question is, what kind of reaction you want from them? Do you want to educate them about some problems of which you are providing the solution?  Or you want them to drive towards your brand through that product? Or you want to sell?

Anything that is mentioned above is different from each other. And the initial step for you is to identify and set the goal.

Generating Fresh Leads

Among the several ways to generate leads, the main point discussed here is the product demo videos and how they can contribute to your favor. Well, email at one hand, is a significant way of generating leads, and if you connect the two, you can generate a higher percentage of conversion rate then even. Moreover, you can also add a form in a video; this usually also helps in making people get less irritated by filling the forms or subscribing.

Categorize your Leads

Single video content cannot bring a similar effect on all the people or all your target audience. People have different tastes, mindsets, interests, and preferences because of which the content would also be categorized accordingly.

Moreover, they are a whole separate journey of every buyer when generating email video leads. You have to make sure that the content that you are mailing to them has been appropriately classified so that the customer feels more personalized and connected with the brand.

Create the Right Content

Marketing automation takes everything to the next level. Whether you generate leads through website videos, email videos, or social media videos, the content should be right. The right content is defined as something unique, fresh, relatable, current, and easy to understand.

So you must create content that fits right to the needs of your customers. Marketing automation allows you to understand your customer, even more, analyze their behavior, and develop solutions for their needs.

Bring the “Wow” Factor

Creating content might take a lot of your effort, but you have to make sure that it has that “WOW” factor to it as well because the main thing is that your customer must be attracted to it. Otherwise, there is no way he will watch your content despite on how many platforms you have promoted it.

The Bottom Line

Using product demo videos in your marketing automation strategy is considered to be the best option right now. You can understand the concept and identify how you can utilize it in your marking strategies.