Stop Motion Animation

What is Animation and How Many Types of Animation?

Animation is making pictures or videos representing moving objects or people to entertain and give awareness to viewers. Animation can be done in several ways, including live action, motion graphics, traditional animation, stop motion, 3D Animation, and 2D Animation. It has different uses consisting of storytelling, promoting the product, and entertaining people differently. In this write-up, we will understand the five major types of animation and their purposes. Before hopping into the realm of its types, let’s get an in-depth understanding of the definition of Animation:

What is Animation meant for and what are its uses?

Animation is making a moving image based on a set of pre-determined coordinates. Animation is used to create short films, commercials, and movies. It is used in teaching and learning by creating educational animations that can help teach kids about different topics. The multitude of colorful backgrounds and dancing alphabetical letters bloom the main object.

The purpose of Animation is to give life to an object, whether it’s a mannequin or a video game character. Building good animations requires more than effort; they need proficient knowledge of tools and techniques. Mainly, there are tons of animation tools and modern technologies that create a creative vision.

Animation can be used for different purposes in industries. It plays an essential role in marketing a product, conveying complex messages simply, delivering the emotion to the user, educating the viewers, and much more. The art of linkage with fun or entertaining has made animation a considerable and well-known reputation. Here we are discussing the five main types of animation that used widely to accomplish the different purposes.

Five major types of Animation that are used most widely

Here, we are discussing the five different types of Animation with each of its purposes. Every kind of Animation has another speciality that keeps them at their peak. Mainly, they are used for marketing purposes and can be used in various businesses. Instantly, some are performed efficiently for educating purposes, some are good for conveying complex and critical messages or products, and some are designed for other purposes. Let’s get started:

1. 3D Animation

It is the process of creating three-dimensional moving images in an electronic environment. It uses specialized software to create models, animate them, and render the final image. 3D Animation takes advantage of the fact that the human brain processes images in three dimensions. It makes it possible to create realistic images for movies, video games, and other applications. By adding keyframes at different points in the Animation, the software can create smooth transitions between them. The process of 3D Animation is very complex and requires a lot of skill and experience.

2. 2D Animation

2D Animation is the name of art that creates movement in a two-dimensional space. It features backdrops, characters, and special effects. When a series of discrete drawings are sequenced together over time, the appearance of movement is produced. Typically, one second is divided into 24 frames. 2D Animation is a type of Animation used in films and video games. It consists of images displayed on a screen or a computer monitor in the form of lines, curves, or shapes. 2D Animation is often done in the same manner as 3D Animation; it is more artistic than 3D.

3. Traditional Animation

In traditional animation, every frame is solely drawn by hand! It is a labor-intensive process but results in a smooth and realistic motion. Traditional Animation is often used for films and television shows that are aimed at children. It means an artist has drawn every image you see in a traditionally animated film. The advantage of this method is that it allows for a lot of creativity and flexibility in creating the images. It is easily accomplished with pencil or paper or on a computer. The one downside is consist in this animation is that it is highly time-consuming and costly.

4. Motion Graphics

Simply, the pieces of animation which develop the illusion of motion or the thing which is associated with abstract objects, fonts or texts, and other graphic elements into motion is refer to as Motion Graphics. It is refers to Animation with text as a significant component. Essentially, it’s animated graphic design. In motion graphics services, as explained above, involve animating a graph, an infographic, or web design. Motion graphics is an excellent source of a combination of Animation and graphic designing. Motion design produces animated graphics to transmit the message to the audience. It refers to graphic design work and is pieces of Animation or digital footage in the illusion of motion.

5. Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion is used to create animation sequences by holding one frame at a time, positioning the different objects, and manipulating them. The entire procedure of stop motion is simple and effective. In this tactic, you just have to indulge the object and get them positioned, but the condition is act is one frame. In filmmaking, the object moves slightly in one frame and then is exposed to a second one. This process acts multiple times until the final destination reaches. When the frames run in sequence, the viewer demonstrates the illusion of an action object. However, creating a stop motion animation video is a bit complicated. Completing hundreds of these little and repetitive moments requires a lot of time and effort that gradually changes. When arranging the individual frames together, it ultimately requires attentive composition and creativity to making the best image of your brand.

To summarize

Animated Video is a significant source for companies to explain or market their product and effortlessly bring it to the audience’s knowledge. Animated videos are increasing as it has proved a valuable technique for companies and beneficial for every industry. We have discussed the different types of Animation with various features and uses. So give each it a try as per your needs and specifications.